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Applications in the battery

Pipes for the battery

We develop piping systems for the directed degassing of batteries, for cooling or temperature control and for the safe routing of media. Our metallic pipes are thin-walled, lightweight, space-saving and temperature-resistant.

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Venting pipe

Our venting pipe safely guides harmful gases from the battery housing into non-critical areas. Benefits are:

  • Safe degassing of the battery
  • Temperature resistance up to more than 1,000°C
  • Cooling of the exhaust gas up to the outlet
  • Space-optimised, weight-saving routing of the pipeline
  • Crash safety thanks to flexible, metallic components
  • Gas-tight connection to the battery housing

Venting pipe systems

In the event of thermal propagation, standardised regulations such as ECE R100 and GB 38031 require that a vehicle can be safely exited for several minutes.

Venting pipe systems are a space-saving solution for batteries with additional rupture discs.

> 1,000°C
~ 1 mio.
series components per year
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Thermal management of batteries

The flexible metal pipes allow the medium to be transported safely for cooling or heating.

Benefits are:

  • Lightweight and space-saving design with wall thicknesses from 0.1 mm
  • Modular design with customer-specific modular system of connection technologies
  • High-temperature and fire resistant
  • Combined with a space-saving, thin-walled stainless steel plate as a overall system for a complete temperature control/cooling solution

from 0.1 mm
thin walls
Fire resistant

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