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Battery Thermal Management Image Text

Battery Thermal Management

  • tab cooling - smart integration of contacting and cooling function
  • temperature limitation where heat occurs
  • increased battery life, especially in case of fast charging
Product Group Products for Fuel Cells H2 CO2 Image Text

Applications for Fuel Cells, H2, CO2, Cooling and other Media

  • extreme safety: designable for system pressure up to 200 bar; burst pressure testing over 500 bar​
  • 100% leak-tight
  • high geometrical adaptability
Battery Degassing Pipes Image Text

Battery Gas Discharge Lines

  • gas discharge lines for controlled degassing of battery, within seconds​
  • temperature resistance up to 900 °C​
  • crash safety
  • high geometrical adaptability​
Cooling jacket for electric engine Image Text

Cooled Electric Motor Housing

  • high performance cooling
  • reduced pressure loss
  • compact design​
  • cost-effective series production​
  • reduction of weight​
  • sizable for many electric motors types

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