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Cooling jacket for electric engine Image Text

Cooling Jacket for Electric Engines

  • lightweight construction by means of thin-walled metal structure
  • integrated, optimised flow routing
Battery Thermal Management Image Text

Battery Thermal Management

Tab cooling
Functional integration of heat dissipation and bonding

Cell temperature control
Cooling jacket for heat transfer

Pipes for hydrogen and fuell cell drives Image Text

Applications for Hydrogen in the Low Pressure Range

Areas of Application

  • fuel cell, medium and low pressure range

Technical characteristics

  • customer-specific certified stainless steels
  • extreme safety: designed for pressures of 10-20 bar; burst pressure testing over 500 bar
  • 100% helium leak-tested components
  • customer-specific weld certificates and specific certificates of approval of welding power
Battery Degassing Pipes Image Text

Battery Gas Discharge Lines

Gas discharge lines are used when the batteries must be degassed within 5 seconds. In the process, temperatures of up to 700 °C occur.

  • suitable for 48-volt electrical power supply of vehicles and for high-voltage batteries of hybrid vehicles
  • technically gas-tight

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